The Whessoe Foundry Company Limited was established in 1790 by William Kitching and Sons. Throughout the 19th century the company was involved in a wide range of industrial engineering, manufacturing products for the railways, and the gas and petrochemical industries. In the 20th century Whessoe developed expertise in engineering to meet the demands of the nuclear power generating industry. This legacy of highly skilled engineering continues to this day in Darlington, where Whessoe still has its headquarters.

This section of the web site highlights some of the products for which the Whessoe Foundry Company Limited became famous. Together with other companies such as the Darlington Forge Company, these products helped Darlington to developed a world class reputation for excellence in engineering.

A set of condenser tubes produced for Stockton Corporation Gas Works
Advertising supplement to “The Journal of Gas Lighting”, July 21st 1896whessoe_condensor_01

Purifiers erected at the Ayres Quay Works of the Sunderland Gas Company
“The Journal of Gas Lighting, Water & Supply”, July 9th 1912whessoe_purifiers_01

“Whessoe” Washers for Extraction of Toluol, Benzol, etc.
“Gas Journal”, May 8th 1917Photo of rotary washer scrubbersTwo rotary washer-scrubbers were supplied to the Gas Light & Coke Company in, Beckton. Designed to give a combined capacity of 15,000,000 cubic feet per day, they successfully processed 30,000,000 cubic feet per day.

500-Ton Coal Storage Bunkers, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham
“The Journal of Gas Lighting & Water Supply”, February 9th 1915whessoe_coal_bunkers_01



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