The map below provides an interactive way to explore Darlington history. Zoom in on the map and click on the blue links to see the information relating to the location.

The map will eventually include information ranging from pre-historic finds through to the sites which made Darlington a major centre during the industrial revolution and on to recent local history within reflecting buildings and events which have been of importance within living memory.

You may find information on the map which helps to paint a picture of the street where you live as it would have been in the past, or which explains the history of a building in Darlington that you have an interest in. Some of the information may already be familiar to you if you know Darlington well. Other details may be a surprise. Did you know for example that Shep, the famous four legged companion of John Noakes on Blue Peter came from a farm just outside Darlington? Do you know the event which led to Lingfield Lane being renamed as McMullen Road, to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of a Second World War hero?

Information is regularly added to the map. If you have anything to add please submit a comment using the form below. We will try to include as much information as we can in the next update.


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