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We highlight hidden gems with a local history or heritage theme around the town. You can follow guides to two of the town’s most attractive cemeteries – the magnificent West Cemetery and the simple, peaceful Quaker Friends Burial Ground, and we look into the stories of some of Darlington’s most intriguing residents of the past.

For those interested in getting more involved with local history and heritage in the area we list details of local history events around the town. For the latest updates on these please follow AboutDarlington on Twitter.

Darlington local history mystery

Mother and child outside a houseWe would like your help in adding extra information to the site. For example, are you able to help to identify this location in Darlington? The photograph showing a mother an child standing outside a house has recently come to light and is thought to have been taken somewhere in Darlington. Are you able to identify the house? The dormer window is particularly distinctive.

Any information that you have to help identify this photograph would be greatly appreciated. Leave a comment below or use the Contact page to get in touch if you are able to help.

Any contributions of information to add to the web site would be very welcome. If you would like to suggest a local place to visit or an event with a broadly local history or heritage theme, if you spot something on the site which is inaccurate, or if you can add some extra details to any section of the site then please add a comment below.



Darlington local history and heritage — 1 Comment

  1. My grandfather was a farmer in Brafferton, he was also local Councillor and Scout leader. He worked at Darlington Forge in the Chemical Lab before farming and I have a couple of images.

    He was a keen local photographer and I have numerous boxes of lantern slides from the 1920’s and 30’s of the area. Does anyone know how I can copy these images please?

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