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Headstone Photography   To help researches who are unable to visit Darlington in person we are able to take photographs of headstones, war memorials, houses and shops for you. We can also provide old photographs or postcards of some locations.
There is no charge for this service but a small donation to support the work of St Teresa's Hospice in Darlington would be appreciated.
If you would like to have a photograph supplied please contact history@aboutdarlington.co.uk with the details. For headstone photographs please provide the grave number, or in the case of West Cemetery the section, row and headstone number from the headstone inscriptions database. We are usually able to supply the requested photographs with a few days, weather permitting.
Other resources for Darlington family history research include the Darlington Register Office online database of Darlington births, deaths and marriages, the Darlington Book of Remembrance, the database of West Cemetery headstone inscriptions created by the Darlington Historical Society, transcribed names on the North East War Memorials Project, the North East Railways in WW1 Records and the Darlington Local Studies Centre.
The names and addresses found on the reverse of the postcards shown on this site have been compiled below as a resource to assist genealogists.   Family History Name and Addresses
If the details match with any of the people or addresses in your family tree then please send an email to history@aboutdarlington.co.uk with the reference number and we will be happy to provide you with full details. There is no charge for this but a small donation to St Teresa's Hospice in Darlington would be appreciated.

Name & Address Details

F H Doggett, 32 Finborough Road, Fulham, London from M (1909) 84350306
Miss M Brennen, Moor House, Leamside, County Durham (1909) 40657900
Boddy (?), Box Tree Cottage, Cleasby Road, Menston, Wharfedale (1912) TTCSketch
Miss Hedley, 6 Royal Terrace West, Kingstow, Ireland from A.M.M. (1901) GRAM001
Miss J.J. Haskell, Box 963, Hallowell, Maine, USA from D Petty (1904) (Jessica J Haskell ?) 43548118 43548120
Miss Gertrude Holtom, Cleeve Prior, Evesham (1903) from V Anto (?) 40657915
Arthur Walters, Westcliffe, Cleveland Parade, Darlington to Miss B A Engineer, Havarama Mansions, Princess Street No. 2, Bombay, India (1908) 115778604
Miss Robinson, Crook's House, Greta Bridge, Barnard Castle (1905) 134818301
Mrs I Johnson, Brougham Cottage, Hartlepool from cousin W R, 4 Marshall Street, Greenbank, Darlington GRAM004
Lottie, c/o Messrs Windebank, Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol (1906) 67075488
Miss M Smiths, 34 Dundee Street, Lancaster (1916) 55634961
Gertrude Sykes, 2 Ashcroft Villas, Darlington to Miss Doris Sanders, 3 Ashcroft Villas, Darlington (1903) 119129875
Miss M Jardine, Douglas House, Nelson Street (Carlisle ?) from May (1904) 65144778
Miss Hindemarch, c/o Mrs Sutton, 4 Cleveland Street, Saltburn-by-the-Sea (1926) SPARK001
Mrs Philips, Ellingham, Chathill, Northumberland from Elizabeth (1910) 40657904
Miss Sybil Griggs, 31 Hondle Street, Dovercourt, Essex from Wendy, Henry & Chris (1952) 92059410
Miss Ellen Ree (?), 69 Promenade, Southport from Hilda and Lance 112758954
Miss B Hall, 9 Collingwood Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne from Miriam (1907) 130844395
A S Lee, ARC6, Grassmead, Camden Road, Lingfield, Surrey (1933) 43548121
Miss Harrison, Highfield, Hutton Rudby, Yarm-on-Tees (1902) SPARK002
M Penn, 74 Wilton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire (1949) 84305273
Miss Peat, Clifton, York Road, Harrogate from I Foster (1906) SPARK002
Miss I. H. Mackenzie, Dunregan House, Dunregan, Isle of Skye ftom Aunty Mary (1913) 66171220
Ian F Kindress, Elliott House, Molyneux Street, Edgware Road, London W1 from Walter (1943) 114573138
Mrs Dent, 10 Comer Terrace, Cockfield from W (?) Thwaites (1906) 144082256
Miss Peat, Clifton, York Road, Harrogate from I Foster (1906) SPARK002
Philip Tindall, 14 Sunnyside Road, Ealing from Flo (1902) 144081014
Miss P Russell, 13 Melen Street, Redditch (1904) 57095385
Miss M Gray, 26 Sodhouse Bank, Sheriff Hill, Gateshead (1910) 89999150
91 Chichester Road, Portsmouth to Teddy (?) from Joseph (1912) 135124133
Miss L Hannah Dent, 10 Comer Terrace, Cockfield from Emma (1908) SPARK003
Mrs F Crowle, 35 Devereux Road, Wandsworth from T F Robinson (1908) 92686349
Mr & Mrs A Farry, 30 Burnhopeside Avenue, Lanchester (1966) 138152287
Mrs T Dickson, 92 Curzon Road, Ashton-under-Lyne (1912) 135124134
Mrs Biggs, 55 Springfield Road, Cotham, Bristol (1906) 122751803
Miss Dorothy Smith, 6 Chester Road, Bounces Road, Edmonton, London (1906) 50032402
Miss Snide (?), 29 Brow Top, Workington from Beatrice Watson (1905) 96954141
(?) Rudfarn (?), 15 The Grove, Gravesend, Kent to Queenie (1910) 40657910
Master R Williams, Jones Eleny (?) , St Asaph (1914) 76013214
Miss Kiddy Robb, Charleville, Castlereagh, Belfast (1905) 75935956
Miss Connie Turnbull, Elder House, Usworth Colliery from M Adams (1911) 82810118
Miss Sowerby, 19 Cleveland Terrace, Darlington from Ray & Ada (1929) 40674426
Miss B Jerry, Polam Hall, Darlington, birthday message (25th September 1907) 61847518
Mrs Williams, 26 Comma (?) Street, Ylanelly (?), South Wales (1953) 122750851
Mrs Hohenrein, 7 Waterworks Street, Hull from Ernest (research shows the family to have been pork butchers from 1832) 126545750


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